Author :: Bruno Krauss
Series :: Seawolf series
First Published by :: Sphere Books
Format :: PB
Date :: April 1980

Spring 1941 — and the Third Reich steps up the U-Boat offensive in an all-out drive to isolate Britain from her Allies.

For Baldur Wolz — the legendary Sea Wolf — the operation is a welcome challenge and an opportunity to increase the score of enemy convoys sent to an icy death. Fresh from a deadly and dangerous mission in Iceland, Wolz and his crew from U-55 await the signal to strike. Then a lethal accident leaves Wolz adrift in the Atlantic and the Sea Wolf faces his greatest test of endurance amidst the killer wolf packs of the sea at war...

Shark Hunt is the fourth in the gripping series of novels about the U-boat war waged with grim ferocity in the bitter depths of the world’s oceans.


Shark Hunt

Author: Bruno Krauss

Title: Shark Hunt

Series: Seawolf series

First Published by: Sphere Books


Format: PB

Date: April 1980





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