Author :: Craig DiLouie
Series :: Crash Dive
First Published by :: ZING Communications, Inc
Place :: US
Format :: Kindle
Date :: 15 Feb. 2016

Lt. Charlie Harrison survived the horrors of Rabaul and the midnight battle with the Mizukaze. When he reports to Sabertooth at Pearl, he must contend with a crew that isn't quite welcoming and an officer protecting a dire secret.

While underway, the captain reveals the submarine's mission--travel to the Japanese-occupied Philippines, deliver supplies to the Filipino guerillas, and bring American refugees home.

When Sabertooth runs into Yosai, one of the big aircraft carriers that attacked Pearl Harbor, the mission changes. As disaster strikes, Charlie must take command and make the ultimate decision--get the refugees home, or risk everything on an all-or-nothing attack.

Silent Running

Author: Craig DiLouie

Title: Silent Running

Series: Crash Dive

First Published by: ZING Communications, Inc

Place: US

Format: Kindle

Date: 15 Feb. 2016





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