The Thanksgiving Gang

A time travel thriller of terrorism, love, and courage.

Jack Thurber has traveled through time—again. This was the fourth time he time traveled, earning him a nickname The Time Magnet. But this time he's traveled into the future.

He discovers that he and his Navy Captain wife Ashley were killed in a terrorist nuclear attack on Ashley's ship Thanksgiving Day 2015. Four other ships were attacked in what became known as the Thanksgiving Attacks. Jack's got to find a way back to the past, the past when he and Ashley were still alive. To do that he forms a group of people to help him. They call themselves The Thanksgiving Gang.

Dare he change history? Dare he not? Rip roaring, gut wrenching suspense wrapped in a story of friendship and courage.

Author: Russell Moran

Title: The Thanksgiving Gang

Series: The Time Magnet Series

First Published by: Coddington Press


Format: Kindle

Date: 23 June 2014




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