1940 In the summer of 1940, a defeated Europe lies in the hands of Nazi Germany. Britain stands alone. Under the threat of imminent invasion, it is the Royal Navy and their battle in the English Channel that keep the enemy at bay.

Into these dangerous waters comes the new destroyer H.M.S. Brackendale, and her rebellious young commander, Richard Thorburn. His orders are to take the fight to the enemy, to ‘Seek, Engage, and Destroy’. With little preparation, Thorburn finds himself thrown into the desperate, close-range skirmishes of the narrow seas. From the Straits of Dover to the northwest of France, from east to west, they face a ruthless foe.

For Thorburn, when given the challenge of a new and hazardous mission, devotion to duty calls. In spearheading a clandestine operation, the ship, the crew and her captain, always in danger, deep inside enemy waters, are pushed to the limits of endurance. Courage is the order of the day.

The Waves of War

Author: Graham J. Parry

Title: The Waves of War

Series: Lt. Cdr. Richard Thorburn RN

First Published by: Graham John Parry


Format: Kindle

Date: 28 May 2015





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