Author :: John S. Margerison
First Published by :: C. Arthur Pearson
Place :: London
Format :: HC
Date :: 1919

Determined, tenacious and far-seeing, Lieutenant-Commander Jervis of the submarine Q18 and Lieutenant-Commander Hood of the light cruiser Firebrand each felt certain of winning their wager as they dined together in London.

Receiving their orders to shove off soon after, the two frequently brush with the enemy as they criss-cross the seas in the line of duty.

With each month that passes, the friends’ contest becomes something more, engendering a greater respect for each other’s mastery of their arms.

But as hostilities intensify, it quickly becomes clear that neither Hood nor Jervis have considered that The Reaper might take the matter into his own hands, and settle the naval bet himself...

Torpedo versus Gun

Author: John S. Margerison

Title: Torpedo versus Gun


First Published by: C. Arthur Pearson

Place: London

Format: HC

Date: 1919





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