Andrew Wareham was born Hampshire and took a degree that included Economic History, a fascination ever since. He taught for ten years and worked with the Police Force in Papua New Guinea for another ten.

He writes first of all for pleasure and that other people seem to enjoy his books adds even more to that satisfaction.

Series: The Duty and Destiny Series
Year  Book  Comment
  The Friendly Sea Frederick is sent to the Caribbean to seek out more French prizes.
  The Bitter Land Frederick uses his influence to take a command sailing 'far foreign.'
  The Fuzzy-Wuzzy Man Frederick must sail his under-manned frigate to the Far East
  Britannia's Son Frederick is given a heavy frigate and sent out to the Aegean and Ionian Seas
  Fortune and Glory Frederick Harris has been ordered to take his frigate to the Eastern Mediterranean
  Sugar and Spice Frederick is given command of a small squadron with orders to sail to the Caribbean
  The Odd-Job Man Harris has orders to discover Bonaparte’s invasion capabilities along the French coast
  A Busy Season Frederick is tasked with patrolling the Mediterranean
  Far Foreign Frederick is given orders to seek out pirates off the coast of Madagascar
  Tall Orders Frederick takes command of a heavily gunned squadron

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