Commander Edward Hamilton Currey (a.k.a. E. Hamilton Currey) wrote a series of books about Ian Hardy.

The series was written during the First World War and is out of print. Few details of the books are known although I believe they were written as children's books for young boys. They may occasionally appear for sale on the web.

Series: Ian Hardy


 Book  Comment
  Ian Hardy, Naval Cadet Ian Hardy is taken to sea by his uncle as a cadet
  Ian Hardy, Midshipman (Nothing is known about this novel)
  Ian Hardy, Senior Midshipman HMS Flora in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and off South America
  Ian Hardy Fighting the Moors  (Nothing is known about this novel) 

AOS Naval Non Fiction

Series: n/a


 Book  Comment
  Flag of the Prophet The story of the era known as "The Grand Period of the Muslim Corsairs."

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