This author was a captain in the Sardinian Navy. The novels are out of print and information is limited. They are sometimes listed as being written by Frances Charlotte Armstrong (1838-1930) and are often subtitled as romances and as being in 3 volumes. The books are listed below where the title indicates they may be nautical, however due to lack of information they may not be HNF. Some of his novels are not copyright in many countries and are available as free eBooks in the online store.

Series: n/a 
Year Book Comment
  The Two Midshipmen: A Tale of the Sea Henry Tressider commanding a prize is shipwrecked in France.
  The Young Commander Believed to be principally a shore based novel
  The Sailor Hero, or The Frigate and the Lugger  A Nautical Romance
  The Naval Lieutenant  A Nautical Romance
  Perils by Sea and by Land or The Neapolitan Commander  A Romance of Sea & Land
  The Cruise of the "Daring"  A Tale of the Sea.
  The Young Middy, or The Perilous Adventures of a Boy-officer

A Midshipman and his cousin, lost in fog in a small boat, are picked up by a privateer

  Sunny South; or The Battle on the Bosphorus  A Romance

AOS Pirate Fiction

Series: n/a


 Book  Comment
  The Pirates of ‘The Foam’ When his benefactress dies an orphan is sent to sea in mysterious circumstances
  Lion of War: Or The Pirates of Loo Chow A tale of the Chinese seas
  The Two Buccaneers A rebel family escape England, becoming involved with Buccaneers.

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