J. D. DaviesJ. D. Davies is an historian and author. Born in in Llanelli on the coast of south-west Wales, a treacherous coast notorious for shipwrecks, the sea has always exerted a strong pull on his life and a fascination with warships and naval history can probably be dated to a family holiday in Portsmouth.

He found that very little had been published about the seventeenth century navy since the 1920s, and that most of the books that did exist seemed to side unthinkingly with Samuel Pepys, accepting uncritically his opinions and evidence about the issues of the time. He has written factual books about the period and has now started a series of naval fiction also set in the time of Charles II and the Anglo-Dutch Wars.

Series: The Journals of Matthew Quinton
Year Book Comment
  The Rage of Fortune (Not yet published)
  Ensign Royal Matthew attempts to elude the Lord Protector's feared Ironsides before facing his destiny on the beaches of Dunkirk (Short Story)
  Quinton and the Princess (Short Story) (Not yet published)
1661  Gentleman Captain Charles II has been restored to the English throne. He gives Quinton command of a ship and a delicate mission.
1663  The Mountain of Gold In the Mediterranean, Quinton captures a Corsair pirate under the nose of a furious Maltese Knight
1665 The Blast That Tears The Skies Quinton, in command of a vast and ancient man-of-war, finds himself at the heart of the Battle of Lowestoft
1666 The Lion of Midnight Quinton is sent on a mission to the Swedish court at Gothenburg
1666 The Battle of All the Ages Quinton finds himself in the thick of the action at the Four Days' Battle
1666 Death's Bright Angel A great fire consumes London
1667 The Devil Upon the Wave (Not yet published)

AOS Naval Non Fiction

Series: n/a


 Book  Comment
  Pepys's Navy: Ships, Men and Warfare 1649-89 Describes every aspect the English navy in the second half of the seventeenth century
  Gentlemen and Tarpaulins: The Officers and Men of the Restoration Navy Study of the Royal Navy during the reigns of Charles II and James II
  A Brief History of Fighting Ships Tells the story of one of the keys to that great conflict, the Ship of the Line
  Britannia's Dragon A Naval History of Wales

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