John StackJohn Stack was born in 1972 in a town not far from the city of Cork, on the south coast of Ireland. After college he went to work for an American company out of Cork, managing a team of computer aided design technicians, a job that led to lots of travel and the opportunity to continue his education in business. After ten years he was made redundantso he decided to fulfil an ambition and began to write an historical fiction novel. He still lives in County Cork.

His Masters of the Sea series is set much earlier than the usual naval fiction series as it is based around the Roman conflict with Carthage. The first book in the series, Ship of Rome, went straight into the Sunday Times bestseller charts

Series: Masters of the Sea


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Ship of Rome

Atticus, one of Rome's few experienced sailors, finds himself propelled into the middle of a political struggle

  Captain of Rome Bound to obey his inexperienced commander's rash orders, Atticus sails straight into a carefully-laid trap
  Master of Rome Atticus is now a commander of the growing Roman navy, blockading a port near Tunis


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1587 Armada Two nations are locked in bitter conflict. One strives for dominance, the other for survival


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