John Mariner was born in Oxford in 1936. After a preparatory education in Oxford he was educated at Ryde School in the Isle of Wight. He later opted to Join the Royal Air Force where he served in many counties around the world until he became involved with 'In-flight Navigation Bombing Systems'. He retired from the Royal Air Force in 1972 and then joined Oxfam's team of fund raisers until 1990. He is now content to write books about England's Royal Navy and about the brave men who did so much to protect our land. All John Mariner's books are "dedicated to his elder brother, Peter, who, as a Royal Navy Bomb Clearance Diver, died at sea in tragic circumstances on 12th January 1972. He has written a trilogy about the 32-gun frigate, Eaglet, during the Seven Years War (1756-1763) and her Captain Daniel Winchip


Series: Eaglet (Daniel Winchip)
Year Book Comment
1756  The Eaglet at the Battle of Minorca Post-Captain Daniel Winchip becomes the eyes of the English Navy
1759 The Eaglet at the Battle of Lagos Bay The frigate Eaglet, under the command of Daniel Winchip, is sent to Gibraltar
  The Eaglet in the Americas Winchip is sent to deal with a pirate.


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