The Eaglet at the Battle of Lagos BayIt is 1759, the time of the Seven Years War betweeen France and England and the threat of invasion by the French is all too real. The French fleet of Marshall Conflans lies blockaded in Brest by Admiral Hawke, only requiring the Mediterranean fleet under Admiral de la Clue to join them in order to initiate an invasion.
The thirty-two-gun frigate, Eaglet, under the command of Post Captain Daniel Winchip, is sent to Gibraltar. The French are sighted by Eaglet, which races into Gibraltar Bay with cannons firing and foresail let fly; but the English fleet is found unprepared. A night chase begins and continues until the French run in to Lagos Bay, seeking Portuguese protection. Eaglet runs into the bay and attacks a French man-of-war, ignoring the warning shots of the Portuguese. Eaglet survives but the chase causes bloodshed in both fleets. The Battle of Lagos Bay is not only sanguine; it is tragic and unremitting.

Author: John Mariner

Title: The Eaglet at the Battle of Lagos Bay

Series: Eaglet (Daniel Winchip)

First Published by: Serendipity


Format: PB

Date: 2002

ISBN-10: 1843940337

ISBN-13: 9781843940333


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