The Eaglet at the Battle of MinorcaIt is the year 1756 and fears are rising that France will imminently invade the English territories of Minorca and Gibraltar. Post-Captain Daniel Winchip becomes the eyes of the English Navy-bringing status reports back to General Fowke in Gibraltar and both Admiral Byng and Vice Admiral the Lord Hawke in England. His first mission on board the new frigate Eaglet takes him to Rochefort to bring a Frenchman, spying for the English, back to England. He is confused when the spy, Gaspar Foche, is accompanied by a woman - the beautiful Madeleine Loxley, a lady beset by tragedy and despair who sets his heart aflutter. Post-Captain Winchip is sent on missions to ascertain the position of the French Navy and tests his officers and crew to the limits. At times, Eaglet faces impossible odds and when the great fleets of France and England finally come together, Eaglet is forced to risk her very existence for the sake of King and country. Through the many arduous days and nights at sea, Post-Captain Winchip realises his love for Madeleine. Are they destined to be together? Will he survive the battle to be with her once more?

Author: John Mariner

Title: The Eaglet at the Battle of Minorca

Series: Eaglet (Daniel Winchip)

First Published by: Book Guild Ltd


Format: HC

Date: 26 April 2001

ISBN-10: 1857765478

ISBN-13: 9781857765472


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