Larry Jeram-CroftLarry Jeram-Croft spent thirty years in the Royal Navy as a pilot and engineer. He then retired to work in industry for seven years before retiring for a second time. At that point he and his wife bought a yacht and went to live in the Caribbean. It was this experience that led to the idea for his first book.

Brought up on the books of C S Forester and Patrick O'Brien he was surprised that no one was writing similar stories about the modern Royal Navy, especially with so much going in in previous decades. As he was himself a Lynx helicopter pilot during the Falklands War, he decided to start there, using his own extensive knowledge of the conflict.

Larry now lives near Plymouth in Devon and spends most of his time writing and playing golf extraordinarily badly.

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: Jon Hunt
Year  Book  Comment
1982 Sea Skimmer How do you counter your own weapon system when it's turned against you
1983 The Caspian Monster Russia goes to full Nuclear Alert when a NATO listening station is discovered
  Cocaine The military is pitted against the Columbian drug smuggler cartels
  Arapaho The British decide on a full evacuation of Beirut
  Bog Hammer HMS Prometheus is tasked to maintain the safety of British interests in the Gulf area
1991 Glasnost Jon is caught up in a race against time to help end the Cold War forever.
1995 Retribution Captain Jonathon Hunt joins the UN Protection Force UNPROFOR

 The author’s official web site is larryjeramcroft 

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