W. A. HoffmanW. A. Hoffman (aka Wynette A. Hoffman) ,born in 1964, is of English/Welsh/Irish descent (with a little German and Spanish to add flavor). She lives in Aurora, Colorado.

She is the author of the Raised by Wolves gay historical series set against a background of the infamous Henry Morgan period at Port Royal..

AOS Pirate Fiction

Series: Raised by Wolves


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1667 Brethren The Viscount of Marsdale, duelist, libertine, dilettante, travels to the colony of Jamaica to establish a sugar plantation.
1668 Matelots Conflicts arise, as Will negotiates an ever-trickier path betwixt the requirements of his remaining the Viscount of Marsdale and his commitment to his matelot.
1669 Treasure Trouble arrives, when Gaston's father, the Marquis de Tervent, comes to Jamaica
1671 Wolves Will and Gaston wish to war no more, but they find themselves forced to join Morgan's last great raid on Panama



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