Patrick G. CoxPatrick Gray Cox is a writer who combines his love of Historical Fiction with Science Fiction writing; a mix of CS Forester and Isaac Asimov. He was born in Cape Town in 1946 and has worked in all areas of fire safety, initially as a fireman - fighting bush fires in South Africa - and later as a fire and explosives expert, consultant to large companies, teacher and Government Adviser, not just in the UK and South Africa but around the World.

He has been published many times over in trade journals and continues to write in a freelance capacity for the Fire and Rescue Journal. He has had a long fascination with the sea and ships, as well as the world of science fiction and space travel.

Series: n/a
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  A Baltic Affair Captain Gray of HMS Kestrel is drawn into diplomacy, intrigue, and espionage in the Baltic

Series: Harry Heron Adventures


 Book  Comment
  Harry Heron: Midshipman's Journey

Harry dreams of becoming an officer in the Navy & is appointed a midshipman in HMS Bellerophon

  (Their Lordships Request)

Title withdrawn: Now available as Harry Heron: Midshipman's Journey

  Harry Heron: Into the Unknown A freak accident catapults Harry and two shipmates four hundred years into the future (Science Fiction)
  (Out of Time) Title withdrawn: Now available as Harry Heron: Into the Unknown
  (The Enemy is Within!)

Title withdrawn

  On the Run

A desperate race for survival on an alien world for Sub-Lt Heron and his men (Science Fiction)

  The Outer Edge

NECS Beagle carries a team of scientists on a voyage of discovery (Science Fiction)

Other Fiction

Series: n/a
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  Limehouse Boys Set in the 1830s the book revolves around the barges and watermen of Limehouse

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