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Author :: David Perry
First Published by :: Griz Independent Publishing Resources
Format :: Kindle
Date :: 5 August 2016
Dont Tread on Me

When the thirteen British colonies in North America decided that they had enough of a central government that was deaf to their needs and rights, they set about to fix the problem. More than a year before these colonies decided to declare their independence from the British Empire, they had a shooting war on their hands. Eight months after that, they had a navy. These short stories are about the ships and men that comprised that navy. From Benedict Arnold's ships and marines at The Battle of Valcour Island, to John Barry's first capture of a British man o' war, the stories put you front and center in the action.

You will almost taste the salt spray and powder smoke. You'll probably want to duck when the splinters scythe over your head. Feel the sharkskin grip of the cutlass in your hand when you cross swords with the enemy. Grab a cup of coffee (not tea, that is too British) and sit back to enjoy these well researched accounts of actual events from the American Revolution at sea!

  With characteristic reminiscences, fragments and opinions on professional, colonial, and political subjects, interspersed with copious notes, biographical, historical, critical, and illustrative blank cover

  • The Breeze at Spithead
  • Jack a Biographer
  • Kind Inquiries
  • Command
  • Obstetric Consolation
  • Dreams at Sea
  • A Brush in the Boats
  • A Call for the Cat
blank cover


Sail Away is a collection of short stories giving the supporting cast in Will and Davy's saga a little time on center stage-as well as shorter interludes between Will and Davy that were never intended as part of a longer story. Captain Smith was once a hot-headed young officer who met his match in the Colonies; Davy's cousin Kit, who plays an important role in Winds of Change, owes a considerable debt to the captain and crew of HMS Calypso...and in that same story, the reader meets a certain French physician who turns up again in Eye of the Storm. Sit back and enjoy a journey through the family album of the Royal Navy Series universe! For Cynthia Lancaster and newly-promoted Commander Paul Smith, it's love at first sight, but Cynthia has been promised to her father's protégé, the lackluster Mr. Evelyn Humboldt. But a young man on his way to Admiral is not about to let formalities come between them-and a young woman who has been pining to return to England has no interest in moving north with the Loyalists and a man she will never love. Revolution is brewing in the Lancaster household as well as the Colonies in "Captain's Courtship." Christopher St. John hadn't planned on staying in Paris until he met the unforgettable Zoe Colbert. Unable to pull himself away, Kit loses his heart to Zoe and nearly loses his life when a bloodthirsty French citizen takes exception to a despised aristo courting a French girl. It's turnabout with their lives on the line when the lady has to save her rescuer from the mob. If Kit is to "See Paris and Live," he must trust to love and pray to Lady Luck. The relationship between Will Marshall and David Archer has moved beyond friendship into love worth risking death for-even though neither young man has ever spoken his feelings. But when a storm leaves them "Castaway" on a deserted island, their fantasy seems just within reach...if they dare to take the chance. And, for the first time in print, six new Royal Navy short stories that show a glimpse of Will and Davy on holiday-Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, shore leave...including a special nit-picking vignette from Charlie Cochrane.

Sail Away


Three sea stories with a Scottish flavour.

  • The Battle of South Esk tells of a little known episode during the Jacobite uprising of 1745
  • Admiral Duncan and the Phantom Fleet describes events leading up to the great naval victory of Camperdown in October 1797.
  • A Sea Wolf in the Basque Straits describes an incident in the career of Thomas Cochrane the man described by Bonaparte as 'That Sea Wolf who causes us so much trouble.'
Three Sea Stories 1745 - 1809

Hornblower Addendum - 5 StoriesFive adventures of Horatio Hornblower, two as Lieutenant, two as Captain, and one as Admiral of the Fleet, collected here for the first time. These stories about daring exploits, compassion, and challenging discoveries were written outside the confines of books and were published by magazines. Here the author has given free reign to his character - creating unique circumstances to further the development of Hornblower's character. A potential mutiny thwarted, an Irish uprising out foxed, help to hundreds, managing a healthy sea voyage for an ailing monarch, and meeting once again Napoleon Bonaparte - very different insights into this complex man Hornblower.

Includes the short stories:


A series of tall tales and sketches.

Greenwich Hospital


Ten short stories about naval life in peace and war:    

  • Crab-Pots
  • The Drum
  • A Captain's Forenoon
  • The Seven Bell Boat
  • The King's Pardon
  • An Off-Shore Wind
  • The Day
  • The Mummers
  • Chummy-Ships
  • The Higher Claim.
A Tall Ship: On Other Naval Occasions


Short stories about naval life in peace and war:    

  • D. S. B.
  • Captain's Defaulters
  • A Galley's Day
  • Noel!
  • The Argonauts
  • A Gunroom Smoking Circle
  • The Ship-Visitors
  • The Legion on the Wall
  • A Tithe of Admiralty
  • The Chosen Four
  • A Committee of Supply
  • That Which Remained
  • The Tizzy-Snatcher
  • c/o G.P.O
  • The "Look-See"
  • Watch There, Watch!
  • Farewell and Adieu
  • The Seventh Day
  • The Parricide
  • The Night-Watches
  • A One-Gun Salute
  • Concerning the Sailor-Man
  • The Greater Love
  • A Picturesque Ceremony
  • Why the Gunner Went Ashore
Naval Occasions and Some Traits of the Sailor-Man

This book is listed under its alternate title The Mammoth Book of Hearts of Oak

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