Fletcher's Glorious First of JuneThe indomitable Jacob Fletcher reappears in this sequel to Fletcher's Fortune. Having renounced the immense Coignwood riches to which he is heir, he sets out to make his own fortune in the triangular trade. He is captured by privateers and begins a series of adventures which culminate in his pivotal role in Howe's victory at the Glorious First of June. Meanwhile, the utterly wicked temptress, Lady Sarah Coignwood and her depraved son are plotting to destroy Fletcher and regain the Coignwood millions. Working with the London thief-taker, Samuel Slym (pronounced slime), they set up a nasty surprise for Fletcher upon his return to England.

Part of the fun is Edwards' overdrawn characters. Fletcher is larger than life - bigger, tougher and smarter than anyone else, he is a natural sailor, businessman, mathematician, gunner and leader of men. He can make maidens melt into a swoon at a single smoky glance. He is also a bit of a rogue. He cares nothing for high-falootin' notions like honor and patriotism. Still, he is (mostly) loyal to his friends and winds up doing the right thing, even if for the wrong reasons. The Coignwoods are so evil that we want to hiss when they appear and the delightful Slym is a hard but upright man who is tempted to the dark side by Lady Sarah.

Edwards sets this melodrama in a rich and authentic portrayal of 18th century England, the shore side worlds of London and Portsmouth as well as aboard ship. There is plenty of action, spiced with a little sex, and it is compelling enough to make this book a page-turner. Edwards' ending leaves room for more adventures but, alas, no Jacob Fletcher books have followed Fletcher's Glorious 1st of June, and that's a shame.

Description of: Fletcher's Glorious First of June

Author: J. C. Edwards



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