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Author :: Claud Aldrich
Format :: PB
Date :: 5 December 2006
ISBN-10 :: 1530610222
ISBN-13 :: 9781530610228

This is a story of a poor boy, one of nine children (seven boys and two girls), who was drafted into the United States Navy. He experienced an entirely new world. It was a rude awakening for him. He had to shape up and learn the facts of life of surviving on a warship in a time of war. He had to learn how to be in harm's way and survive.

This story is about a sailor on the new destroyer, named for Captain Van Valkenburg of the USS Arizona, who is still entombed in that famous battleship. Claud tells of the destroyer at war, being attacked many times by planes with bombs, torpedos, Kamikazes and going to the aid of many stricken ships along the way. We called ourselves the "Tin Can Sailors".

After the war, Claud returned to the states and home. He reunited with the shipmates at reunions 50 years later.

Written by a torpedoman, who was there and thankfully, came back all in one piece.

A Boy, a Ship, and a War

Author: Claud Aldrich

Title: A Boy, a Ship, and a War


First Published by:


Format: PB

Date: 5 December 2006

ISBN-10: 1530610222

ISBN-13: 9781530610228



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