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Author :: Nick Hewitt
First Published by :: Pen & Sword
Format :: HC
Date :: 19 September 2013
ISBN-10 :: 1848847734
ISBN-13 :: 9781848847736

This is a dramatic and little-known story of the First World War, when the actions of a few men shaped the fate of nations. By1914 Germany had ships and sailors scattered across the globe, protecting its overseas colonies and 'showing the flag' of its new Imperial Navy. After war broke out on 4 August there was no hope that they could reach home. Instead, they were ordered to attack Britain's vital trade routes for as long as possible. Under the leadership of a few brilliant, audacious men, they unleashed a series of raids that threatened Britain's war effort and challenged the power and prestige of the Royal Navy. The next year saw a battle of wits which stretched across the globe, drawing in ships and men from six empires. By the end, the 'Kaiser's Pirates' were no more, and Britain once again ruled the waves.

The Kaiser's Pirates: Hunting Germany's Raiding Cruisers 1914-1915

Author: Nick Hewitt

Title: The Kaiser's Pirates: Hunting Germany's Raiding Cruisers 1914-1915

Series: n/a

First Published by: Pen & Sword


Format: HC

Date: 19 September 2013

ISBN-10: 1848847734

ISBN-13: 9781848847736



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