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Not for nothing did HMS Faulknor earn the nickname the hardest-worked destroyer in the Fleet - and this book tells her whole story from design and launching to the scrap yard where her proud years of service eventually ended. Faulknor had the honour of sinking the first U-boat of the war, and her life from then on was one of ever-active service including the Norway campaign; as part of Force H based in Gibraltar; and seeing service against the Vichy French, the Italians and the German Luftwaffe in the Mediterranean. From the warm waters of the Med, Faulknor was next hurled into the Battle of the Atlantic and the icy waters of the Arctic Sea guarding convoy routes to Russia. She returned to the Med in 1943 for the invasion of Sicily, before fighting at Anzio and in the Aegean. Her active war service ended at D-day. Few ships can have seen more continuous or more dangerous action and this book will enthral all those interested in the Second World War at sea.

Destroyer Leader

Author: Peter C. Smith

Title: Destroyer Leader


First Published by: Kimber


Format: HC

Date: October 1968

ISBN-10: 0718300416

ISBN-13: 9780718300418



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