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Author :: Gerhard Koop & Klaus-Peter Schmolke
Series :: Warships of the Kriegsmarine
First Published by :: Greenhill Books
Format :: HC
Date :: 31 March 2000
ISBN-10 :: 1853674028
ISBN-13 :: 9781853674020

The warships of the World War II era German Navy are among the most popular subject in naval history with an almost uncountable number of books devoted to them. However, for a concise but authoritative summary of the design history and careers of the major surface ships it is difficult to beat a series of six volumes written by Gerhard Koop and illustrated by Klaus-Peter Schmolke. Each contains an account of the development of a particular class, a detailed description of the ships, with full technical details, and an outline of their service, heavily illustrated with plans, battle maps and a substantial collection of photographs.

This volume covers the three ships of a design so revolutionary that it defied conventional categories. Deutschland (later renamed Lützow), Admiral Scheer and Admiral Graf Spee were simply termed panzerschiffe (armoured ships) by the Germans, but they were known to their opponents by the far more evocative term Pocket Battleships.

Pocket Battleships of the Deutschland Class

Author: Gerhard Koop & Klaus-Peter Schmolke

Title: Pocket Battleships of the Deutschland Class

Series: Warships of the Kriegsmarine

First Published by: Greenhill Books


Format: HC

Date: 31 March 2000

ISBN-10: 1853674028

ISBN-13: 9781853674020



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