Comissioned by the Duke to travel to the Colony of New York and investigate the true political situation as the Duke is alarmed by the talk of revolution in the air coupled with the French causing trouble across the river in Canada.

En route James rescues four women shipwrecked in the Bay of Biscay only to discover much later that they are French spies. While in New York he becomes embroiled in the rescue of the people of the German settlement of German Flatts and later in the naval operation against the French forces on Rock Island in the mouth of the St Lawrence.

Among ther prisoners captured is his old adversary Thomas Brolin who challenges him to a duel during which Thomas is killed.

Lost to the Sea: A Colonial Venture

Author: E. Van Johnson

Title: Lost to the Sea: A Colonial Venture

Series: Lost to the Sea

First Published by: CreateSpace


Format: Kindle

Date: 8 December 2015






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