Winter 1747, Jon Swift arrives in New York seeking employment related to his hard earned master's qualifications. Finding nothing suitable, he signs on the schooner Providence as an able seaman. The Providence heads southward toward the warmer, sunnier climate of Jamaica with a load of trade goods, but never arrives in Kingston. Things go awry when the Providence is boarded. Knocked unconscious during that boarding, Swift wakens to find himself in dire circumstances. Keen to obtain some form of retribution from the people responsible for his present circumstances, Swift must first find a way to escape. Just how will Swift manage to get out of his predicament? Is any retribution possible from those responsible?

Swift Revenge


Title: Swift Revenge

Series: Jon Swift

First Published by: Lulu


Format: HC

Date: 27 April 2015

ISBN-10: 1483427099

ISBN-13: 9781483427096




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