Author :: Richard Hough
Series :: Archy Buller Naval Adventurer
First Published by :: William Morrow & Co
Format :: HC
Date :: December 1984
ISBN-10 :: 068804221X
ISBN-13 :: 9780688042219

Richard Buller, Archy's son,is assistant gunnery officer aboard the light cruiser Glasgow in November 1914, part of an under-equipped British squadron off the coast of Chile which engages Admiral Maximilian von Spee's powerful Asiatic Squadron. When the gunnery officer breaks a leg Richard stands in for him during the disastrous Coronel engagement and British victory of the Falkland Islands battle.

Captain Archy Buller is sent to the Dardanelles where he escapes from Turkish-mine peril but his damning report of the situation there puts him on the wrong side of some political crossfire which nearly loses him his commission. He is then assigned to test Q-ships, disguised merchant ships, and some U-boat engagements ensue.

In 1916 Richard is wounded in the North Sea and rescued during the Battle of Jutland by German sailors.

Buller's Victory

Author: Richard Hough

Title: Buller's Victory

Series: Archy Buller Naval Adventurer

First Published by: William Morrow & Co


Format: HC

Date: December 1984

ISBN-10: 068804221X

ISBN-13: 9780688042219



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