Author :: Harry Homewood
First Published by :: William Morrow & Co
Format :: HC
Date :: 1 June 1983
ISBN-10 :: 0688019153
ISBN-13 :: 9780688019150

Brothers bound by blood and honor, torn by the woman whose love they would share.

It was a time for America and her heroes: men like Michael and Andrew O'Connor, rival brothers fresh out of Annapolis, men who left all they knew and loved to seek glory in a world at war. Mike beneath the ocean aboard the USS Tigerfish. Andrew in the air as a fighter pilot ace. Theirs was a baptism by fire, yet they rose to confront a brutal enemy across the sea — and to chase the explosive dreams that could ultimately destroy them.

From Harry Homewood, bestselling author of Final Harbor, Silent Sea, and Torpedo! , comes the epic novel of a family at war. A novel of family, duty, pride — and of two brothers, competitors in both love and war, whose inner struggles provided them with the courage that could mean the difference between life and death.


O God of Battles

Author: Harry Homewood

Title: O God of Battles


First Published by: William Morrow & Co


Format: HC

Date: 1 June 1983

ISBN-10: 0688019153

ISBN-13: 9780688019150



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