Author :: Max Hennessy
Series :: Kelly "Ginger" Maguire trilogy
First Published by :: H. Hamilton
Format :: HC
Date :: October 1978
ISBN-10 :: 0241100151
ISBN-13 :: 9780241100158

The second title in the exciting naval trilogy featuring the courageous Kelly Maguire (but can be read as an individual novel). There is talk of peace across Europe as the First World War draws to its bloody conclusion and the German naval fleet limps into Scapa Flow for a humiliating surrender. But for Lieutenant Kelly Maguire, new conflicts arise in Russia, the Mediterranean and the Far East. Maguire faces brutal choices and violent action. Rising through the ranks of the Royal Navy he is sent on a mission to the killing-ground of China. For Maguire, dangerous years are ahead.

The Dangerous Years

Author: Max Hennessy

Title: The Dangerous Years

Series: Kelly "Ginger" Maguire trilogy

First Published by: H. Hamilton


Format: HC

Date: October 1978

ISBN-10: 0241100151

ISBN-13: 9780241100158



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