Portsmouth Point: The Navy in Fiction, 1793-1815"Originally published in 1948, Portsmouth Point is a timeless anthology of seafaring fiction that offers a fascinating glimpse of British naval life set against the thrilling backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars. Each of the stories here covers a distinct part of everyday life on the high seas during wartime, from the daily routines of officers and men on the lower deck to the mysteries of rigging and the perilous nuances of naval battle.

All of the authors included in this collection witnessed firsthand both the harsh and humorous realities of serving in the British navy. Portsmouth Point thus reveals both the bawdry revelry and anonymous warfare that occupied the lives of countless sailors. This illuminating look into British naval history will interest scholars of English literature, military historians, and seafaring enthusiasts alike."

Whilst described as an anthology of fiction, it is effectively a reference book about the British navy of the late 17th and early 19th centruies, as well as a survey of historic fiction published as close to the period as possible. It can not be read as a series of fiction stories.

Author: C. Northcote Parkinson (Editor)

Title: Portsmouth Point: The Navy in Fiction, 1793-1815

Series: n/a

First Published by: Albert Saifer

Place: US

Format: HC

Date: June 1948

ISBN-10: 0875565093

ISBN-13: 9780875565095


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