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On this page I have set out the timeline (where it is given or can be established)  for the various books set during the period from 1760 to 1779

For context actual historic events have been added below in italics.

Year Book Series
1760 A Wind in the Rigging Roger Kelso
  Star-Crossed Patricia Kelley
1761 The Bombay Marines Adam Horne
1772 Richard Bolitho - Midshipman Richard Bolitho
  Captain Nemesis  
1773 Midshipman Bolitho & the Avenger Richard Bolitho
1774 Band of Brothers Richard Bolitho
  Stand into Danger Richard Bolitho
  The Reaper Fighting Anthony’s
1775 American War of Independence starts  
  The Fox & The Faith Patrick Dalton
  Powder Monkey George Abercrombie Fox
  The Guernseyman Richard Delancey
  By Force of Arms Revolution at Sea Saga
  The Maddest Idea Revolution at Sea Saga
  Lieutenant Christopher Matthew Christopher
  The Broken Sword American War for Independence at Sea 
  In Harm's Way A John Paul Jones Adventure
1776 The Continental Risque Revolution at Sea Saga
  Lords of the Ocean Revolution at Sea Saga
  Our Lives, Our Fortunes Geoffrey Frost
  Standards Left Ragged Fairaday & Marlborough
  All the Proud Ships  
  HMS Seawolf Fighting Anthony’s
  Commander of the Seas A John Paul Jones Adventure
  The Lake War: Kinkaid with the Inland Fleet  
1777 In Gallant Company Richard Bolitho
  Barracuda Fighting Anthony’s
  All the Brave Fellows Revolution at Sea Saga
  Engage the Enemy A John Paul Jones Adventure
1778 Sloop of War Richard Bolitho
  The Fox & The Fortune Patrick Dalton
  Henry Lunt & the Ranger Henry Lunt
  A Cruise with Paul Jones Young Patriot Series
  Peregrine Fighting Anthony's
  Sail A Fast Ship  
1779 Henry Lunt at Flamborough Head Henry Lunt
  Uncommon Valour  
  Broadsides A John Paul Jones Adventure


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